Pre-Paid Funeral Information

A Pre-Paid Funeral is an alternative to Funeral Insurance where you pre plan and pre pay for a Funeral service at today’s current prices.

Compare Funerals will help with the best option for you depending on your personal situation.

A Pre Paid Funeral is easier to arrange through the Compare Funerals Brokers.  We find the best Director for you, according to your circumstances.  Compare Funerals have access to more Funeral Directors, giving you the best policy available.

We tailor a plan, the Director and low payments to suit you.

Use our funeral pricing system to know the costs and obtain a Pre Paid Funeral to suit you.  No obligation free pricing given. Note; An administration fee is charged for Pre Paid Funerals.

 The Good and Bad facts about Pre Paid Funerals


The Good facts – Pre Paid Funerals

  • Peace of mind that your Funeral service is already paid for.
  • Your choice of Funeral Director.
  • You choose the service and products.
  • Contracted so that price and products cannot change.
  • You get exactly what is chosen and paid for at todays funeral prices.
  • You pay the fees to the Funeral Home of your choice.
  • Your wishes are Pre Planned and carried out according to your requests.
  • Guaranteed acceptance.
  • Inflation protected.
  • Paid by instalments or a lump sum.
  • Instalments can be as low as you desire.
  • No loss of contributions.
  • Protected from asset testing by being an exempt asset.
  • No time frame to claim or use.
  • You will never pay more than the pre arranged amount.
  • Sometimes it may suit you better.


The Bad facts – Pre Paid Funerals

  • You may not be able to use another Funeral Director if you move.
  • If not fully paid in advance the shortfall will need to be paid at time of claiming.
  • Individual plan, cannot be used for another family member.


The Risks

  • Generally a Pre Paid Funeral is a much better option to Funeral Insurance.
  • The choice to have a Pre Paid Funeral will depend on individual circumstances.


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