Funeral Finance Information

Available funding for a Funeral service, low interest loans to cover the cost of a Funeral until either Estate or Insurance is paid out or when there is a shortfall in funding.

Compare Funerals is not offering Funeral Finance at present.

Agreed loan amount can be repaid at minimal repayments to make it financially easier or in a lump sum.

There are no exit penalties.

There is no hidden terms as all is explained in the Product Disclosure Statement.

The choice to apply for a Funeral Finance loan will depend on individual circumstances. If the funeral is unexpected so will be the costs and means of paying for the total funeral invoice. Peace of mind is attained if there are other options for the family during this very emotional and intricate occasion.

The Good and Bad facts about Funeral Finance.


The Good facts

  • Peace of mind that your Funeral debt is paid on time.
  • Your choice of Funeral Director.
  • You choose the service and Your final wishes can be planned and carried out according to your requests.
  • All Funeral and associated costs can be financed.
  • Up to 100% of amount required for services can be financed.
  • Repayments can be paid by instalments or a lump sum.
  • Instalments can be as low as you desire.
  • Bereavement period for repayments.
  • Fast responses for approval or denial.
  • Multiple applicants may apply.
  • Initial interest free periods.
  • Line of credit as opposed to a personal loan.
  • Sometimes it may suit you better.


The Bad Facts

  • The loan contains interest.
  • Application fees apply.
  • Interest rate applied may be dependent on your financial situation in some circumstances.
  • Could place financial strain on the family, as with any loan.
  • No guaranteed acceptance.


The Risks

  • Generally a loan of any description will contain interest or application fees and could place financial strain on the family.


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