Bonds & Contribution Schemes

Funeral Bonds and Contribution schemes are safe and secure interest bearing savings bonds. The invested amount is guaranteed by Government legislation.

The choice to have these investments will depend on individual circumstances.

Purchasing Funeral Bonds is easier to arrange with our Brokers.  We find the safest Bonds and Contribution schemes for you, according to your circumstances.

Compare Funerals have access to Friendly Societies, giving you the best and safest bonds available.

We tailor a plan and payments to suit you.

Use our funeral pricing system to obtain the exact amount of bonds required to suit you.  No obligation, free pricing given. The amount set aside by the family is annually reported and can have a ceiling on the cost.

Whereas, Funeral Insurance is not cost effective and you may spend up to three times the cost of a Funeral, or more. Note; A “one off” fee is charged for administration costs for Funeral Bonds or Contribution schemes.

The Good and the Bad facts about Funeral Bonds and Contribution schemes.


The Good facts

  • Peace of mind that your investment will cover the Funeral costs.
  • Your choice of Funeral Director.
  • Interest bearing investment accounts with guaranteed returns.
  • You choose the service and products.
  • Your final wishes can be planned and carried out according to your requests.
  • Guaranteed acceptance.
  • Inflation protected.
  • Protected from asset testing.
  • Paid by instalments or a lump sum.
  • Instalments can be as low as you desire.
  • No loss of contributions.
  • Sometimes it may suit you better.


The Bad facts

  • The bonds can only be used for the nominated person.


The Risks

  • Generally bonds and contribution schemes are a better option to Funeral Insurance.


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