Funeral Facts

Generally people do not get quotes for a Funeral. Everything else we purchase we tend to get quotes. With everything we purchase we are aware of the price, except for a Funeral. We are told every funeral is different. Correct, but why is the pricing for individual items different?

Would you only get one price if you were thinking of building an extension worth around $8000? Would you tell the builder to build  you something nice, something that will suit your needs. No you wouldnt, but building is generally an unemotional time.

You would ask for quotes, you would want to know the price upfront.

Due to the nature of grief, it is proven we generally use the first Funeral Director we contact. We tend to accept their price and suggestions without questioning. We dont want to go through the whole process of requesting quotes or prices at this time of vulnerability.

The Funeral industry is largely unregulated, yes there are laws regarding some actions like health and safety, and WH&S. It is mostly self regulated by “codes of conduct”

A very large section of the industry is owned by one multinational that sells itself as Australian by being on the Australian Stock Exchange. This is a monopoly on the industry that is being closely watched by the ACCC and we feel they are misleading the public by stating that they are Australian owned. You will be well overcharged by their trained salesmen so they can continue to make large profits each year for their shareholders, including the shares held by the directors of the company.

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