About Us

Welcome to Compare Funerals

  • We are Funeral Brokers.
  • We negotiate the best price through reputable Independently owned Funeral Directors.
  • We source the most appropriate Funeral Director for you.
  • All arrangements are made to suit you.
  • The Directors offer high quality products and service.
  • Services are tailored to meet your needs.
  • Purchase exactly what you want.
  • You get instant pricing.

Compare Funerals, Working for you.

100% Australian Owned and Managed, so we only refer you to the best Directors in the business that are the same.

Our Australian brokers will refer the most reputable Funeral Director in your area for you. Not any large multinational corporate owned company.

We are an Australian owned company using Independent and Family run Australian businesses, so rest assured you will receive the most personal service and attention.

Who is Compare Funerals?

Compare Funerals was started in 2012 as a needs company after its founders, Pat Carroll and Rosie Smith, discovered that they were unable to get immediate honest pricing for a funeral.

Starting from their office on the Gold Coast they quickly grew the business and now have offices located in Australian capital cities and many regional areas.

Compare Funerals is proud to be the first Australian owned Funeral Brokerage. From their humble beginning they have grown to being able to access preferred funeral homes right across Australia, as part of the Compare Funerals network.

Compare Funerals have the vision of giving families real decision power in funeral services through simple funeral choices that does not reduce the quality or service. This is made easy by the honest affordable prices. To this day Compare Funerals remains true to this vision.

Our costs are kept low by the fact that we are not owned by large multi-national companies that require charging much higher prices to make greater returns for their investors.

If you are planning a Funeral, looking for Funeral costs or instant Funeral prices you will find it here.

We negotiate the best possible price for you through our contacts

We choose a local Funeral home & the Funeral Director according to your requirements & the Funeral Director will visit you in your home or their office to finalise the Funeral arrangements.

All options are available including your choice of coffin / casket, cremation or burial, flowers, wreaths or floral arrangements, and much much more.

Our prices are the same or much cheaper than most Funeral Homes. Our prices are honest & upfront. NO hidden costs.

We do not do the Funeral service, we are a Funeral Broker, the Funeral is done by a traditional Funeral home. In some cases the one that you would have chosen anyway, but we have negotiated a better deal for you.

We are a 100% Australian owned company servicing the Funeral industry with Australian businesses.

Compare Funerals are proud that they use Australian suppliers and companies, mostly independent Funeral Directors, and your money stays in Australia. This guarantees that you and your family get the best service now and in the future.

At Compare Funerals all families are treated with the same dignity and respect no matter their race, religion, culture, financial situation or lifestyle. Whether you prefer a traditional contemporary funeral or want to add your own style, our network of Funeral Directors will ease you through the process of arranging a funeral. Whatever your needs, Compare Funerals will look after you with care and compassion, answering all of your questions so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Compare Funerals uses the Internet for 90% of their incoming services, making Compare Funerals a truly online company.

How it works

At Compare Funerals you get to choose the service package you desire.

Yes, you know the complete Funeral price during the whole process.

The service and cost can be tailored to suit your needs or budget.

With a click and choose format, prices are displayed instantly, so you know the cost as you design the Funeral of your choice.

We find the most appropriate Funeral Director for you and your needs.

We use Independent and Family owned Funeral Directors that have the experience to carry out your or your loved ones requests.

Whether you need to save money or don’t want to leave out a thing, we can arrange it all for you.

All arrangements are made to suit you, from your choices.

Our professional people are trained in the needs and legal requirements of the customer.

The allocated Director will come to you and finalise all arrangements so nothing is missed out.

You can also add more choices or change options after talking with the Funeral Director.

You may be asked to pay a deposit by the Funeral Director, but only when you are happy with your choices.

According to Australian laws, You have the right to rescind any contract entered into.

You have time to reflect on your loved one, knowing that the service is safe in our hands.

We can assist in making insurance claims, you will receive all money not used for the service, this can be used for other important things like the wake or costs associated with the time of passing.

Why pay for a more expensive Funeral than you need to?

Compare Funerals is here so you don’t get caught out by any large investor owned corporation and their salesman’s gimmicks and ploys.

Compare hundreds of funeral directors for the best price or service